Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Organizing Tips

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1.  As cool weather approaches, check your wardrobe for clothing that is no longer useful.  Plan to sell, donate or give away those that you no longer need.
2.  Clean and store outdoor furniture.  If mildew has appeared, use a diluted mixture of bleach and water to remove it.
3.  Clean and store yard and gardening tools.  Sharpen any that have become dull with use.  Save the rakes until after all of the leaves have fallen and been collected.
4.  Clean the outside of windows while the weather is still pleasant.  If other area on the outside of the house need cleaning, do that now.
5.  Clean and organize the attic as the weather permits.  There is a limited amount of time between the cold of the morning and the heat of the afternoon to get this job done.  Some areas may need to wait until November in order to avoid excessive heat.
6.  Plant grass seed and any new shrubs that your yard needs.  Cool weather will give the roots a chance to develop without the heat of summer sun.
7.  Think about the upcoming holidays.  The decorations are already out in local stores.  You should have already made travel plans but if not, do it now.
8.  For the best selection, look for you holiday cards now and watch for free shipping on phone and online orders regardless of the size of the order.
9.  Purchase gifts that are to be mail and get them ready for early mailings.  Overseas packages should be mailed before December.
10.  Bring out the fall decorations and enjoy this time of the year.

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