Friday, October 1, 2010

Organizing Tips for October

Fall is officially here. In some parts of our country the weather may not show it, but it is time to get moving towards the holidays.
• Remove the remaining summer decorative items and toss those that are faded or in disrepair. Pull out the fall decorations and donate those that are no longer useful or you no longer like.
• Inventory your linens and purge what you haven’t used in years. If some hold sentimental value, see if someone in your family can use them and give them the honor they deserve.
• Look over your dinnerware and remove pieces that cannot be used because of chips or other damage. As with your linens, move on pieces that are simply taking up space.
• If you send holiday cards and are very selective in what you prefer, purchase them now while the selection is good. You can find good sales on them later on, but the selection will not be as favorable.
• Inventory your spices, extracts and specialty kitchen gadgets before the holiday rush. Remove those that have expired or no longer useful and make a list of what you will need for holiday cooking. Be careful not to purchase items that you will not have room to store the rest of the year.
• Continue sorting summer clothing and other hot weather items. Donate or sell those you no longer want or need.
• Begin the purge of toys that children have outgrown so there is room for new items that arrive during the holidays.
• Remove old magazines and catalogues. Resist the urge to replace them with holiday issues. The temptation is great, I know.
• Clean the windows, inside and out. Most of the summer grasses have shed their pollen, the weather is good for outdoor work and the busyness of November and December will make the task more inconvenient. For a review of Windex Outdoor, check out the posting for August 17, 2010 on my special tips blog.