Sunday, January 3, 2010

Organizing Tips for January

A new year and decade has come with lots of challenges.  You probably have lots of ideas and goals swimming around in your head.  Here are some tips to get them organized.
  • Take time to write down the things you would like to do this year and then break those down by months.  You have a better chance of them getting done that way.
  • After the holiday clean up, you will probably find lots of things that were misplaced in the busyness of the holidays.  Take time to put those items back where they belong.
  • Get rid of all the trash and recycle items that accumulated during the holidays.  Remove the catalogues and sales flyers that were in abundance.
  • Pick out a calendar, planner or time organizational tool that you like and commit to using it.
  • Make paper management a top priority this month.  Clean out your files, prepare your papers for tax filing time, set up an incoming paper sorting system and update your reference files.  This could take the entire month if done properly.
  • Learn to use the slow cooker if you haven't already.  It will cook your food while you get the other items done.
  • Update the chore chart so that everyone in the house takes part in its management.
  • Pick an indoor maintenance or decorating project.  Do it while the weather prohibits outdoor activities.
  • Try one new recipe each week to prevent the Winter blues.
  • Clean, add or replace light bulbs to make the shortened days seem longer and the evenings brighter.
  • Invest in yourself by taking a class, reading a book or learning a new skill.
There are chapters devoted to paper management and organizing time in my book.  If you need more ideas or detailed information on how to get started with simple and easy strategies, you can order it from or my website through PayPal.  I would be happy to answer any questions, and read your ideas or comments.