Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Organizing Checklist for May

Flowers are blooming, birdsare nesting and most of the pollen is gone. Now is the time to take care of those things we put off during the winter.

Clean and organize the garage. During the winter it often becomes a temporary dumping ground for items. Plan ahead so you can make room for the car if you have not already done this. Your automobile is probably the second most expensive investment you have made so take care of it. Take advantage of shelving and hooks that will allow you to organize your items off the floor.

Make a final check of clothing to be sure the heavier items are moved so there is room for the lighter weight summer clothing to be convenient.

Have a yard sale before the weather gets too hot to stay outside all day. Now is the time to unload all the things you removed during the past few months.

Plant flowers or hang flowering baskets. I vote for perennials although many do not continue to bloom through the summer months. Since they will come back each year, it saves time and money.

Update garden accessories. Remove rusted, broken or stained plant containers, stepping stones and other garden fixtures. Add outdoor furniture and children’s outside toys to the checklist.

Change the a/c filter and have a routine inspection of all its components before the scorching days of summer arrive. Clean ceiling fan blades and give other fans an inspection.

Clean the carpets and floors. They were used and abused all winter and deserve a thorough cleaning. If piles of clutter or stacks of items are on them, consider moving the items to shelving, cabinets or tables. Floors are easier to keep clean when only furniture is on them.