Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Organizing Checklist for February

January was a busy month.  If you have packed away the holiday items and worked on your files, inventory and budget you can take some time this month to enjoy your entertainment and hobby spaces. 

  • Sort through videos and CDs and remove those no longer used.  Let’s face it, if you haven’t run them in the last couple of years, you probably will not.  Our tastes in music and movies change over the years.  Sell or pass them on to someone who wants them.
  • Clear the bookshelves of fiction you have already read and reference books.  It is unlikely you will reread fiction and reference books become outdated quickly.  Use the Internet to keep up to date on those topics.  You can sell or donate those items and make room for more good reading on cold winter nights.
  • Review your cookbook collection and recipes you have collected.  Consider online sites for new recipe ideas.  I promise you can find any type of recipe you want with Google.  Save only those with recipes you continually use or those with sentimental value. 
  • Review the holiday magazines you purchased last fall, clip out items you want to save and recycle the rest.  Consider donating them to local doctor’s offices, beauty shops, etc.  I promise they need them.  I personally am tired or reading Golf magazines when I am in waiting rooms. 
  • Purge those catalogues, too.  They are simply printed commercials and you know how much you hate those interruptions.  Why waste time on the printed version?  If you must, save the back page with the promotion codes, etc.  If you need to make a purchase, you can go online, find the item and use the current discount.
  • Make the most of indoor time by finishing up indoor decorating projects and/or enjoying time on indoor hobbies.  Sort through your supplies and remove those no longer useful. 
  • Begin planning for early spring activities.  Buy seeds now and consider planting them indoors for early blooms and crops.  If that is not convenient at least you will have better seed choices now.
  • Make preliminary plans for spring or summer vacations.  Early reservations are usually less expensive.  Insure all travel tickets.
The days are getting longer now and with daylight savings time coming early in March, we will soon be spending more time outside.  I look forward to spring flowers and green leaves on my trees!