Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organizing Checklist for April

When warmer weather arrives we want to spend our time outdoors. Finishing up indoor activities can be done if a cold spell arrives or on those rainy April days. This month we want to concentrate on our clothing and linens.  This may seem a daunting task, but attacking one closet at a time over several days makes the task easier and usually more successful.  If you are planning a yard sale, tackle those areas early in the month.

• Organize your wardrobe so spring and summer clothing is more convenient to reach and use. The back of the closet, a spare closet, attics, basements, garages or under the bed are all options for temporary storage of off season items. As you do this, check clothing for repairs or necessary cleaning.

Move out all the items that are no longer useful to you. If you are unsure of moving it on, pack it in a dated, labeled container and if you need it in the next year, you will know where it is. If you don’t use it in a year, move the contents of the container to a higher use or purpose by donating or selling them.

• As you change over the clothing for children, pack the too small clothing in containers that label the sex, size and season of the items in it. It will be easy to identify for a younger sibling later on or for a family member or friend who can use them.

• Organize the foyer or coat closet in the same way as your wardrobe. Lighter jackets should replace the heavier coats. Be sure the coats are cleaned and ready for use next fall.

• Replace heavier bedding with lighter weight items. Some quilts or comforters need only to be put through the “air” cycle on the dryer to remove dust. This is a good time to organize the linen closet and move out the towels, sheets and blankets that you no longer use.  Animal shelters often need those worn or out of style washable items.

Consider rolling towels so favorite items can be reached without going to the bottom of stacked items.  This is especially convenient for children who have their special towels.  The rolls can be stacked or placed upright in containers for easy access.

Sheet sets can be folded and placed in a pillowcase so the items do not separate.  If space is limited, they can be stored between the mattress and springs of the appropriate bed.

• Get the outdoor grill ready for use. Pull out your favorite grilling recipes and your favorite grilling utensils and put them in a convenient location. Purchase the ingredients you use most for outdoor cooking.

• When the heavier pollen season has ended, clean the windows so you can enjoy the beauty of the spring flowers and birds as they arrive.  For information on the Windex Outdoor Cleaner, check out this link:

• Get your outdoor furniture clean and ready to use. Don’t be tempted to keep items that are no longer needed, that have served their purpose and are beyond repair.

• Pick some early blooming flowers and dress up your dining room, foyer or living room tables.  They will brighten the days with April showers.

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