Saturday, July 3, 2010

Organizing Checklist for July

Avoiding overheating becomes a concern in the hot summer months and good organizing strategies can help keep you cooler.

• Deal with clutter. Cleaning around it adds to housekeeping time and energy.

• Remove as many stored items as you can from the floor. Bags and boxes that sit on the floor or against walls for months or years can harbor mold and mildew, especially in hot, humid summer months.

• Make the most of local fresh vegetables and fruits. Process them as soon as you purchase or pick them to maximize flavor and nutrition.

• Change the filter on the a/c unit. Spring and summer pollen can accumulate quickly as doors and windows are opened more often.

• Clean around the refrigerator and other major appliances to keep them running cooler. Try not to store items around or over them that would block proper ventilation for their motors.

• Run the dryer late in the day or evening if it is located in the house. Better yet, use clothes lines if you have them for larger or heavier items.

• Schedule outside activities or workouts early in the day or after sundown. Better yet, begin an indoor routine. Malls open early for walkers.

• Begin or continue indoor hobbies during scorching temperatures: scrapbooking, reading, computer programs, sewing, etc.

• Set a goal to clean/organize one drawer a day, one closet a week, one room a month, etc. Put it on your calendar.

• Keep notes and records of vacation tips you learned from experience this year.

• Keep a happy attitude. Remember we were looking forward to July last January.

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