Monday, February 1, 2010

Organizing Tips for February

After the holiday clean up is past, it is time to look forward to the new year.  Here are some tips for this month.

• After gathering tax related papers, store necessary papers from last year and remove all of previous years that have been updated.
• Create a filing system that is easy to use and keep updated.

• Update the home inventory. Take pictures, a video or checklist of everything in your home.

• Update the yearly budget.

• Make the most of indoor time by finishing up indoor decorating projects.

• Remove never or rarely used kitchen utensils and equipment.

• Clear the bookshelves of fiction you have already read and reference books. It is unlikely you will reread fiction and reference books become outdated quickly. Use the Internet to keep up to date on those topics.

• Cull the cookbook collection and consider online sites for new recipe ideas.

• Begin planning for early spring activities. Buy seeds, sharpen garden and lawn tools.

• Make preliminary plans for spring or summer vacations. Early reservations are usually less expensive. Insure all travel tickets.

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